Staycation at the NYLO Dallas Plano Hotel


Generally, I am not one for making new years resolutions. But I do like to set goals. In January 2019, I sat down and wrote myself a list of goals that are actually attainable. I specifically like to make goals that have a progress that is easy to monitor.


In regards to travel, I made only two goals. The first goal is that I would have at least one staycation per quarter (with a total of four staycations per year). The second travel goal was to take one (or two) vacation(s) this year. Please note, when I wrote down these goals I actually gave them a number rather than just saying “more.” Maybe I should write another post all about personal goal-setting.


The year 2019 has been a crazy year so far. Hence, the reason I am taking my first staycation in the second quarter of 2019. This staycation was very much needed as school, work, and my personal life have been absolutely insane. For this staycation I decided to stay at the NYLO Dallas Plano Hotel in Plano, Texas.


The NYLO Dallas Plano Hotel is part of the Hilton Tapestry Collection. This collections is specifically for hotels that are unique and original. I reserved my room using the Hilton Honors App. The app is super easy to use and very convenient. Using this app, you can search for and reserve Hilton Hotels all over the world. The benefits becoming a member of the Hilton Honors include discounted hotels stays, earning points towards a free stay, free Wifi, Digital check-in, and the ability to choose your room. I specifically choose the NYLO Dallas Plano because I love the uniqueness of the modern interior design.



I stayed in the King Junior Suite. It was exactly the size that I needed to focus on my blog and on homework. This suite came with two rooms. The room pictured above is the living space and a work space. It came with a desk and chair combo, a fridge, comfortable couch, and side table.


The main bedroom included the bed (of course) and small mini bar. In the photo above I am using the mini bar as a desk. I loved the natural light in the main bedroom. It was exactly what I needed to get some things accomplished.


Take-Aways From my Stay at the NYLO Dallas Plano:

  • The floor and walls are made of concrete. As a result, there can be an echo from other rooms. But you can always upgrade to a quieter room.
  • Getting the right temperature in the Shower can take some time. But I loved the shower! It is large enough to fit two people and the shower head is huge, so the water is very immersive.
  • It is conveniently located
    • The Star Center – 7 minute drive
    • Stonebriar Mall – 2 minute drive
    • The Shops at Legacy – 5 minute drive
    • Legacy West – 6 minute drive
    • The Boardwalk at Granite Park – 4 minute drive
    • Numerous eateries and food locations right next door and across the street (all within a walk-able distance).


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