Engagement Photos in Downtown Plano

Happy (Belated) Holidays! Life has been a little crazy recently with the holidays and the new year. On Thanksgiving 2019, my boyfriend proposed. I was so surprised. As I knew it was coming, I just was not expecting it until this year. So along with celebrating Christmas and New Years, we have also been planning a wedding. Of course, what would wedding planning be if we didn’t get engagement photos? Here are all the lovely details about our photographer, our props, and the location.

Photography: Daylilies Photography

Photo Courtesy of Daylilies Photography

We heard about Daley (the photographer) through my mom, who has worked with Daley previously. Now, those who know Matt and I will tell you that we are both extremely camera shy. For example, the photo below (right) is the first photo he and I have taken together as a couple, taken over a year ever we started dating. Daley did such an excellent job with helping us to overcome our shyness and become more comfortable in front of the camera. We loved working with her!

This is the only photo that Matt and I have taken together. It was taken after we got engaged (over a year after we started dating).

Daley is the perfect photographer for anyone who is looking for someone to capture their personality and relationship dynamics. She is a great photographer, not only for engagements but also for families, heads hots, and dancers. Even in some of the photos below include some of the dynamics between Matt and I. One photo includes a rather funny mannerism that Matt expresses a lot. Another one of the photos below was taken right after Matt poked me in the ribs (which is a rather sensitive area).

The Mugs: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Crafts

Photos Courtesy of Daylilies Photography

Funny story about these mugs, I bought these months ago so that I could do some sort of giveaway during Wedding season for coffee and tea lovers. However, the idea fell through and I decided to hold on to the mugs for another day. Then December came around and I was looking for really nice mugs to have for our engagement photos. then I remembered these mugs and brought them with us to the engagement shoot.

Photos Courtesy of Daylilies Photography

These mugs were actually purchased on ETSY at Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Crafts. However, the owner has taken a break for the holidays. Be sure to check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook!

Location: Historic Downtown Plano

There were two main locations in the Downtown Plano area that we used. The first was one of my personal favorites, 1418 Coffee House. The second location was at Shinola.

1418 Coffee House

Photos Courtesy of Daylilies Photography

1418 Coffee House is one of my favorite coffee shops in Plano! It is a favorite for so many reasons. First, I love how they have renovated their antique little building and made it their own. The couches, chairs and the whole ambiance is very relaxing and cozy. Over the last two years, it has become one of my favorite places to go and work solely because of the warm atmosphere.

Photos Courtesy of Daylilies Photography

Or if you are just looking for a local place in Plano that sells locally sources, fair trade coffee and teas that taste amazing. Then look no further than 1418 Coffee House. They sell coffee that is locally roasted by a small coffee roaster that provides the community with Direct Trade coffee (Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters). Plus, they have some of the best Chai Tea around!

Photos Courtesy of Daylilies Photography

Now regarding the pictures. While 1418 is an easy choice because of the unique decor and historic location, there was a little bit of more sentiment to the decision. 1418 Coffee House was the location of our first date. It was the place where he and I officially met each other (in-person).


All of the pictures that were taken inside, were taken at Shinola. This is a really great store for anyone looking to buy any high-end leather items. They sell jewelry, jackets, bicycles, journals, and other supplies for outdoors, travel and home. However, their watches are some of my favorite items. The faces of each watch are uniquely designed and the wristbands are so well made that they are sure to last.

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5 Coffee Shops North of I-635 that are Perfect for Working Remotely

Cafe Intermezzo

For those who are coffee or tea aficionados, Cafe Intermezzo is the perfect place for you. They have the best selection of coffee, tea, and alcohol around. I suggest the Cochin Masala Chai Tea, it is very spicy and perfect if you are needing a something extra to help you stay awake.

The amazing interior of Cafe Intermezzo is very luxurious and perfectly captures the elegance of Italian culture with its interior design. But do not be intimidated by the decor, it is a very eclectic atmosphere. If you are looking for a quiet place to work remotely or study, you will fit right in with casual dress attire. However, if you are looking more for a dining experience Cafe Intermezzo can perfectly accommodate this need as well.

What really makes Cafe Intermezzo a perfect place to work remotely is their hours. They are open all day every day of the week. Monday thru Thursday they open at 7:30AM and close at Midnight. Friday and Saturday they open at 7:30AM and close at 1:00AM. During the day, it is very quiet and will only play classical music.


Mudleaf Coffee

If you are looking for something much more casual that is kid friendly go to Mudleaf Coffee. They have been voted as the Best Coffee Shop in Plano in 2018; and they provide a great space for (literally) anyone in any circumstance. For students it is a fantastic place to study because it is so quiet. For professionals, Mudleaf is perfectly suited for working remotely. Also, they have a conference room that is available for rent and is perfectly suited for any off-site meeting. And for mothers with littles, your children can play in the perfectly instagramable play area while you do your thing.

Mudleaf Coffee also serves a fantastic selection of food and drinks! For drinks, I highly recommend the Lavender Honey Latte. Also while you’re there, be sure to try the Hot Kolaches, Rolly Bun, or the Monkey Bun!


Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe

Photo Courtesy of Plano Magazine

If you are anything like me and you consistently find yourself performing at your best later in the evening or at night, Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe is a great option for those who need to get out of the house! Sunday through Thursday they close at midnight. On Friday and Saturday the close at 1am.

For food and drinks they have a great selection. Their drink selection includes: Boba, smoothies, coffee, and food! My personal favorite drink item is the Chai Tea Latte with Boba and my favorite food item is the Bacon Cheese Fries.

Fair warning though, Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe is also a Local hot spot for teens and it can get loud at times.


Karmic Grounds

Photo by Kelsey Andriot

Perfectly nestled among the Echelon at the Summit luxury apartments in Frisco. Karmic Gounds is the perfect quiet spot for anyone who has lots of work to do. It is at an easily accessible location on Ohio Dr. and open to the public (rather than just apartment residents). The location is perfect for anyone (students and professionals a alike) because it is about a five to 10 minute drive from Frisco High School, Collin College Preston Ridge Campus, and several other local businesses.

The menu is 100% locally (or close to it) and responsibly sourced. As well as some of the best coffee and teas the also sell micro brewed beer on tap and wine. If you are looking to try some thing new be sure to try Dirty Chai Tea Latte (Chai Tea Latte with a shot of Expresso) and The Texan Sandwich.


The Book Shoppe & Coffee

Photo by Kelsey Andriot

Because it is designed to be a place of quiet reflection and study, The Book Shoppe & Coffee is one of the quietest places in town. The Book Shoppe & Coffee is a Christian bookstore that is operated by Chuck Swindoll’s Ministry (Insights for Living Ministries). The interior decor includes a large fireplace and has a cozy vibe of home. While you are there, definitely try your favorite cup of coffee and their Quiche Lorraine.


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Fancy French Cuisine with My Two Favorite People

My Personal Favorite Romper. Olive Green Kaileigh from Stitch Fix. Sorry, my hair is a mess from the wind blowing and this was a candid shot.

Yesterday, I had the wonderful pleasure of going to Toulouse Cafe & Bar with two of my favorite people, Jamie (my brother) and Bre (his girlfriend). I could not have asked to go to a better fine dining, luxury, 5 star restaurant with a better couple!

My Favorite Couple! Beautiful on the Inside and Out! I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you guys!

Let’s start by saying that Toulouse Cafe & Bar is very quaint! The interior design is absolutely stunning! Despite the small size of the interior, the restaurant decor and abundant natural lighting gives the restaurant an airy and very open feel. Also, Bre wanted me to let you know that she found the bench seats to be very comfortable (hehe)! The three of us loved our seats and the friendly and accommodating service at Toulouse.


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We all had something to drink. I had the Hibiscus Margarita, it was excellent! Jamie had the Toulouse Old Fashioned; and Bre had a Mimosa. they were all really good! Unfortunately, I was able to get a good shot of my drink. But it was pink and fruity with a touch of salt!




Despite having a 12 pm reservation, we all decided to have brunch. I had the Eggs Any Style. Again, unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of my meal. However I did get a picture of Jamie and Bre’s meal. Jamie had the Omlette Provençal and Bre had the Orange French Toast. My meal was very tasty. I also tried Bre’s breakfast, it was great.



Jamie and Bre, thank you for joining me! I will love you guys and cannot wait to go on more adventures with you guys! XOXO


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